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This Sword Name Generator tool will generate 10 unique names that fit on all kinds of swords like, long swords, short swords, Blade, Hilt, Scabbard, Two-handed Sword, Greatsword, Claymore, Zweihänder, Swordstaff, Jian and more...

Sword name generator

Who is Swords?

A sword comes under the category of bladed weapons and is a sharp, bladed weapon made of metal, steel with a short hilt. The category of the sword has numerous weapons under it. The term sword is used alone to describe a specific weapon. The longsword is used individually and this usage is useful in magic items like the vorpal sword or the sharpness sword. The most renowned sword is the long sword and is approximately 3.5 feet in length and can be used with a single hand. This length is appropriate for slashing by broader strokes and can be welded using both hands.

A longer longsword that is specially designed to be used by both hands is called the bastard sword. It can sufficiently be used with a single hand if the player is trained properly. The broadsword is similar to a longsword and in contrast to it; the shortsword is used for the purpose of thrusting and stabbing. A shorter blade is called a dagger and does not come under the category of swords. The heavier sword that is designed to be used by both hands is also called the greatsword.

An even larger sword which is a full blade is difficult to handle and is not very widely used. It has a long, thin, and light-handed blade which is favored by duelists. A slightly curved sword which is equivalent to a longsword or a bastard-sword is called katana. A shorter version that is equally capable in action to a short sword is called wakizashi. A cheaper straight bladed wakizashi is favored by spies and is a go-to weapon of the ninjas. These weapons sometimes carry a concealed blade inside a bamboo cane is called shikomi zue. A katana that has a longer blade and can be used as a polearm is called the nagamki.

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300+ Sword Names

Collection of Sword Names

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Lightning: Etcher of Grieving Widows
The Facelifter: Token of the Talon
Rage: Wit of Fallen Souls
Dirge: Warglaive of Misery
Thorn: Greatsword of Mourning
Florance: Ferocity of Suffering
Darkheart: Guardian of Honor
Fate: Favor of the Breaking Storm
Omega: Etcher of the Storm
Faithkeeper: Cry of Magic
Wolf: Voice of the Storm
Valkyrie: Shortsword of the Void
Lament: Tribute of Giantslaying
Draughtbane: Wit of the South
Scalpel: Reaper of the Daywalker
Faithkeeper: Whisper of the Occult
Klinge: Tribute of the King
Vengeance: Cry of the Crown
Warmonger: Foe of Hatred
Soul Reaper: Whisper of the Night Sky
Dirge: Pact of the Claw
Frenzy: Mageblade of the Cataclysm
Soulrapier: Tribute of Slaughter
Desolation: Blessed Blade of Hate
Convergence: Spellblade of Conquered Worlds
Soulrapier: Runed Blade of the End
Nethersbane: Etcher of Horrors
Hatred's Bite: Voice of the Occult
Hell's Scream: Bringer of the Immortal
Wit's End: Executioner of Eternal Sorrow
Felthorn: Favor of Black Magic
Rigormortis: Ravager of Darkness
Reckoning: Longsword of the Corrupted
Willbreaker: Call of the Burning Sun
Espada: Warglaive of Souls
Venom: Pledge of Phantoms
Night's Fall: Call of Torment
Lightbane: Greatsword of Riddles
Faithkeeper: Warglaive of the Summoner
Striker: Edge of Eternal Justice
Klinge: Glory of the Oracle
Savagery: Claymore of Mountains
Arondite: Foe of Secrets
Purifier: Destroyer of Wizardry
Worldbreaker: Might of the Occult
Misery: Dark Blade of Corruption
Fleshrender: Gift of the Sky
Extinction: Hope of Chaos
Willbreaker: Runed Blade of Unholy Blight
Nirvana: Spine of the Covenant
Eclipse: Carver of Infinite Trials
Starshatterer: Crusader of Heroes
Heartstriker: Jaws of Black Magic
Reckoning: Pledge of the End
Mangler: Tribute of the Basilisk
Loyalty: Rapier of Mourning
Glimmer: Deflector of Truth
Espada: Pledge of Hate
Swan Song: Blood Blade of the Lost
Alpha: Ender of Holy Might
Destiny's Song: Sabre of the Wolf
Betrayer: Blessed Blade of the Plague
Unending Tyranny: Boon of Eternal Justice
Worldbreaker: Quickblade of Dragonsouls
Soul Reaper: Blade of Twilight's End
Cometfell: Carver of Broken Dreams
Doomblade: Last Stand of Broken Dreams
Cometfell: Tribute of Anguish
Nethersbane: Favor of Eternal Justice
Remorse: Slicer of Trials
Lightning: Quickblade of the Depth

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