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Hello friends, Now we have the best fairy name generator tool, which provides you best fairy names with one click. We also biggest fairy names collection for you. We have almost 900+ Fairy names. You can use these names for girls, boys, funny, cute and many more.

Fairy name Generator

Who is Fairy?

Fairies are small mythical creatures that have magical powers and most of the time fairies are females. They are known for their ability to remain beautiful for a quite long period. It has been said that fairies are creatures from another world that came to earth.

There are many myths are stories associated with the existence of fairies. Some fairies have the ability of healing so that they can heal the dead plants, they can heal the wounds of animals and humans. They can even help humans to recover from the emotional breakdown. Fairies can read other’s minds. Fairies can even control the human by mesmerizing them. It has been said that fairies can die just like any creature.

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If you want to check our collection of Fairy names, then you should check below:

Male Fairy Names

Male Fairy Names
Sundew Basil Koko Mulberry
Astro Tori Comet Avo
Tarragon Florian Starfish Basil
Newt Redbeam Smokey Oliver
Novus Pyro Basil Indigo
Drake Thistle Aven Rain
Timothy Bracken Cozybell Storm
Spark Flamo Indi Acorn
Harbor Drake Ridge Pyro
Bim Lake Trevan Foxglove
Quicksilver Flamo Herb Coconut
Pistachio Axis Morel Helio
Foxglove Pecan Cosmo Bim
Barley Robin Elm Mahogany
Wolf Skylark Nightfall Morel

Best Fairy Names for Boys

Tiger Sprinkle Tangy Timber
Oliver Nutmeg Saffron Diaspor
Zephyr Barley Robin Trevan
North Pyro Ash Frostbite
Spark Magpie Harley Nelly
Trumpet Smokey Indigo Tori
Finch Marlie Willow Poppy
Stargazer Petal Nutmeg Bud
Frostbite Cinnamon Flame Stone

Dark Fairy Names

Cinnamonbead Lilyjacket Flirtywillow Rumplewhite
Cricketspirit Windystripe Vanilladrop Vanillalily
Windyweather Poplarglow Shimmerwood Wrinkleswamp
Toadtwinkle Chillyblossom Eveninglocks Muddyswirls
Briarwort Eveningshine Cedarweather Silkjewel
Spiderroot Thunderwing Fignut Citrusdrop
Candlemuse Rainysparkle Chillyglade Rainyrose
Meadowbutter Orangeswamp Wildtwig Vanillamuddle
Olivebay Cricketspirit Cottonloop Quickdust
Windyrose Lightningvalley Diamonddance Lilyfoot

Fairy Tale Names

Starstripe Winterbeam Flatterfeet Twistygriddle
Thunderdust Silkfig Mountainbottom Sourjacket
Cricketstem Thunderflower Beautywind Clouddrop
Citruscreek Winterbush Fancythistle Moonwillow
Gigglefog Diamonddance Flickerfluff Mistybud
Poplarvine Beechmoon Rainyglow Lilygust
Jinglewhistle Carrotsky Whifflenut Morningfluff
Candlewhirl Cloudysand Thunderbutton Pearstripe
Sugarfig Nightweather Lilydust Goldennoodles
Twistyfog Candleforest Betternoodles Jumpyspark
Fancyweb Littlecup Seahop Pepperbell
Tumblecone Muddytwirls Seagust Betterflower

Fairy Last Names

Lovelybeam Poplarpebbles Tigertwist Peachcliff
Beechbush Tangleshine Jellyvalley Tumblebreeze
Flattercloud Wrinklebug Lilywood Sandyflame
Turtlefluff Rainbowrose Merrygust Magicwhistle
Frozenfig Broomfall Willowspark Beautyshine
Limefluff Eveningwings Cozythistle Jesterflip
Lilypond Moonbeam Rosewing Startwirl
Cottonlace Fluttermuddle Flickerstem Brightlace
Sandyriver Flatterfalls Crystalwhisk Icegarden
Poplarsplash Pepperthistle Bitterheart Wondersky
Brightglimmer Broomheart Beautywink Lightningdove
Firelake Jellyfalls Frostriver Thundergem
Shimmerbutter Waterberry Goldenroot Flutterspark
Graystone Wonderstream Swiftfruit Magiccup
Greensand Lightningbottom Snowsky Ferndash

Fairy Dragon Names

Sunsparkle Frostdove Frozensage Flatterdash
Olivepearl Pepperlashes Mossboots Plumwhisper
Crystalmint Honeybite Vanillamint Woodwhisk
Jumpystorm Blackshore Briarcloud Aspenwind
Roseglow Speedyflip Fancydance Crystaltwirls
Darkpuff Chillyshine Grassyrose Lotusbreath
Sugarroot Glitterripple Bittermuse Starbead
Daisybee Gemvale Lemonmuse Candlewhistle
Frozendash Shinyvalley Purplemuddle Tulipstem
Sparklespice Copperwind Driftjewel Goldenmuse
Briarbreath Wintercup Pumpkinthorn Cutesprout
Limedale Greysocks Thunderfeet Greyfrost
Gigglelight Almondvalley Garlicfeather Gigglebug

Cool Fairy Names

Cool Fairy Names
Bramblespice Catfield Twinkledash
Maplewhisk Grayflash Elmdust
Parsleyflower Vanillaweb Greenhorn
Copperloop Twinklesocks Moongourd
Garlicberry Flattervine Sourthistle
Littleroot Icemeadow Merryspring
Pinepearl Frostgust Jinglecone
Neverroot Islebud Purpleleaf
Muddyvalley Almondgrass Goldenwhirl
Tanglecurl Shinydust Frozentwinkle
Peachloop Twinkleglade Maplewhisper
Muddycone Carrotboots Funnybreath

Celtic Fairy Names

Cloudshadow Hazelgrove Magicnut
Grassysplash Darktwig Twistylake
Cutefrost Diamondbite Orangeflip
Plumshadow Shadownewt Cutebees
Swiftpond Sweetshadow Quickbay
Flickershore Mountainblossom Mossybud
Cinnamonglade Foggyleaf Falcongarden
Figrock Bumblevale Lillylace
Magicmoon Chillycone Orangefield
Candleglow Cricketgrass Briarweb
Quickblossom Hazelshadow Beautyswirls
Spiderfig Icelight Pumpkincurl

Fairy Queen Names

Wrinklegrove Shimmerwind Lemonweather Greyripple
Cedarbloom Broompebbles Brighttwig Honeycone
Thundercurl Silkgrove Purplepool Jingleberry
Hollyfeet Bluelake Plumdove Mangoglow
Grayberry Lotuswood Cloudygem Ferntwirls
Maplejewel Waterflip Mapledance Figstem
Lillyfeet Cloudyleaf Lightningboots Flickerleaf
Thundermuddle Moonfog Tangletwill Lillybutter
Rainbowsky Dazzlefreeze Driftbloom Gigglewhisk
Jumpycrystal Whiteforest Gigglebush Cinnamonsong
Sugarnut Merrydale Tanglewhisper Citrustwinkle
Wonderwhisk Grayfall Iceswirls Shinycone
Citrusbead Muddyfield Daybloom Honeybug

Funny Fairy Names

Nelly Crator Florian
Nova Poppy Pistachio
Miles Oleander Drake
Bramble Pandora Astro
Apogee Cloud Newt
Pine Fox Newt
Caraway Tidal Ash
Bim Tadpole Tiger
Rock Moon Plume
Wolf Flix Nova

Best Fairy Names for Girls

Cricket Sprinkles Midnight Crator
Axis Scorpia Oak Quicksilver
Harley Mango Citron Ridge
Saffron Astro Snow Ridge
Spice Shade Pandora Berry
Peanut Nyx Diaspor Luke
Dewdrop Lake Dewdrop Spring
Sunrise Sneezy Poppy Storm
Turnip Walnut Lemontree Astro

Female Fairy Names

Female Fairy Names
Rainbowsprout Pollentwill Snowcurl
Peppergem Rainyfleck Glitterstem
Swiftwing Honeytwig Bumblefreeze
Copperriver Glitterpuff Broomroot
Willowtwig Wrinklewhite Rumpledash
Mistytwig Mossygriddle Lightningpearl
Firehill Honeyspeck Bumblemist
Turtlejewel Jingleblossom Figshadow
Graypuff Fancythorn Hazelvale
Shinyfall Iceglimmer Ambermuse
Mossflip Crickettwirls Cricketvine

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