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If you are looking for a names for your Drow Character of the Dungeons and Dragons game, then you are at the right place. Here you can found the list of the best names as well as you can also generate names with this Drow Name Generator online tool. This is the tool which is used by almost all the players who are playing D&D games to find the unique names for their character.

Drow name Generator

Who is Drow?

The Drow also known as dark elves are generally portrayed as a very dark-skinned, evil, and white-haired subrace of the elves that exist in the game dungeons and dragons. The Drows made their first appearance in the Hall of Fire Giant King in between the Hellfurnace mountains. These mountains are located in the Greyhawk of dungeons and dragons. The elver were torn by discord and warfare and were driven out from their surface lands by the selfish and cruel members who took safety from the underworld.

Afterward, these creatures were called the dark elvenfolk and grew strong in the arcane arts. They got contented with their gloomy fairyland over the centuries beneath the earth and though they still hold a grudge against their enemies and seek revenge against their kin. The elves and faeries drove them down from their own land. They are characterized as chaotic evil in alignment and are highly intelligent. They are pale haires in appearance and are approximately 5 feet tall. They have a slight build with very sharp features and large eyes and pointed ears.

The pieces of equipment that they carry with them are magical boots and cloaks and a fine mesh armor that is similar to chainmail. It is black in color and is described as being empowered by the exposure of the sun’s strong radiations. When it is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods and kept in the radiation it tends to lose its power. In this tribe, the females are more powerful than the males because of genes and only females can be the fighters, magic-users, or both at once.

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101+ Male drow Names List

Male Drow Names

Check out the list of the hundreds of Male Drow names and choose a name for your character form the list. All these names are unique and generated with Drow name generator.

Valmyr Arkentlar
Antin Alet'tar
Amalagh Auvrylyl
Kronaun Eilsate
Istorraun Kront'tyn
Vhuthym Ichear
Lesaosorin T'suan
Bemrini'th Xiltagon
Quevven Blaerabban
Ghaundan Faertala
Malagzar Goderae
Kronomph Teken'zynge
Wruzroos Arkenduis
Wehlaun Baenmtor
Nilodan Baenreuin
Nymlan Hylyrr
Jhaldus Xiltagon
Torrelrith Telylan
Minolin Helviiryn
Kophyn Argith
Gulryn Melrahel
Nymhriir Zaundar
Tebdaer Deghym
Ryldzen Claddund
Kokiir Philiwin
Syrnyl Tanor'Thorzza
Durgo Niris
Kalanven Kront'tuil
Seldszar Mlezziir
Alton Beltaulur
Solgos Arkent'tar
Adinhrys Aleanth
Nymirahc Kilsek
Wodirahc Alendar
Bethel Filyth
Nagar Diirn
Corankoth Zauvuan
Ruanolu A'Dariirn
Jyslin Hune
Welverin Waeglossz
Duaghriir Desprae
Zeklaunim Teken'ana
Veszyraen Kenrret
Masdiirn Kenrae
Gulnin A'Daresz
Solaurini'th Seeriiryn
Kyorrith Argorzza
Istorgath Philaen
Guldor Keteeruae
Szordrin Keteeruae
Urlaufein Auvryep
Tazor Despzynge
Rhylolvir Orlyviir
Masyln Arkenrahel
Jalynruel Hal
Wellyss Dhunnenna
Quenred Helvistyn
Syrlimar Chaulssorgh
Selakiir Glannath
Tazennin Faertala
Istven Tort'tar
Istin Auvryt'tar
Rhylton Helviana
Szinryn Myrret
Ruago Vragon
Istomyn Tlintagon
Kluthnin Abbyth
Relonaste Vrammane
Dantrag Chaulssin
Pharius Hunzrin
Mererin Zauep
Elaughrae Helviafin
Amaldriirn Godeviir
Tathdiin Hun'rae
Kyorton Niruae
Kyorthan Philiir
Nameth Dykur
Bruragh Cobane
Quendar Dhunnyl
Nym Blundyth
Alaklaunim Hlaviir
Bhinagh Oussurden
Elknar Godelyl
Erthirahc Zaumtor
Tazenryn Zaphrael
Urlven Hin
K'yodan Rhomdorgh
Orgothym Taen
Dantrag Kront'tane
Malaggar Icharyd

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99+ Female Drow Names Collection

Here are the Female Drow names collection with hundreds of unique names. You can choose whatever name from it to use it for your character.

Female Drow Names
Zebeyjra Myduis
Illiamcice Rilyntlar
Vlonylene Eilst'tar
Zara Freett
Burka Faertond
Sindyrriina Blaerorzza
Drirynna Zolaeir
Caznida Seerein
Charlindra Filifar
Talice Illistyn
Dirznilee Teken'ana
Iniara Do'th
Myrmice Hlamtor
Haellara Frezynge
Llollindra Quavazza
Mez'Barne Xiltenna
Sasfaen Yril'Lysear
Ssapne Ssiriy
Tallrene Elpragh
Zelpassa Hune
Sbatithra Baenar
Olorssysn Godeund
Olordra Auvryafin
Halylene Kilviir
Khania Dalorgh
Viernirra Abifar
Besress Omryth
Zeemyra Lhaliwin
Angaste Yril'Lysaen
Urlryn Coloara
Inymma Eilstyl
Iraekacha Hun'und
Inna Deund
Chalraena Det'tar
Aunri Dryaalach
Sabtana Tanor'Tharr
Cazniss Telaulur
Nida Dhunnuil
Zelpassa Daevion'lyr
Balaena Dryaalis
Filfriina Do'rahel
Jhaelvyll Ousslyl
Neeriira Barriervs
Rilolin Orlymtor
Filnirra Argala
Filthrana Ssuil
Grefaere Dinyr
Thraevra Seeriirn
Schezalle Abbylan
Schezalle Zauviir
Nhillara Kilarn
Jhaelayne Godeep
Quarintra Melval
Felynayne Fret'tar
Chardiira Kront'tyl
Narcebreena Tlintiom
Thirlass Telyth
Tadreza Jhalonrae
Halisstra Helviiryn
Baltana Coloara
Shurra Myrret
Nullva Maeervs
Alyshalee Orlyduis
Vicace Zauar
Elermyra Filambra
Zeere Kront'tuae
Kiariel Dilykur
Luadrith Telarran
Nedylene Kront'tane
Charinida Quavein
Burwyss Arkensek
Phyroyss Noquiryn
Burvyrae Deep
Illiamyrr Rilynval
Schefaen Zaphrear
Ilmnia Luelteztice
Khalice Dalarn
Byrlice Beltagon
Ereldra Zaphresz
Mez'Barris Philiom

I hope you have find the perfect name for your character through this Drow name generator, if you want more names then go to top and generate more names. If you like our tool then please share it with your friends and family.