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Who is Darth?

The Darth Vader was once a Jedi knight who went by the name Anakin Skywalker and was seduced by a dark side of the mighty force. He has a selfish aim to keep his loved ones from dying and in the attempt, he went closer towards madness and brought tyranny to the galaxy. Vader could only be redeemed by sacrificing himself to save his beloved son Luke.

The Darth Vader can be compared to a level 20 character in his universe and is one of the most potentials in the Force of history. In the present era, only Yoda and Palpatine can hold a candle to him. His habit of maiming at the hands led Obi-Wan Kenobi to ensure that he could never become as powerful as he could be. Everybody feared, Darth over the course of 20 years, and was an active Sith lord. He is considered more like a machine rather than a man in the game.

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The life support system breathes for him and his suit has enough oxygen for him to sustain the vacuum. The filters make him immune and he experiences constant pain which makes it impossible for him to sleep. This gives him a reason to meditate and focus his energy and power on the dark side and rejuvenate it.

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Male Darth Names

Male Darth Names
Darth Both Darth Plich Darth Ryft
Darth Foft Darth Thec Darth Viarke
Darth Iktit Darth Agrech Darth Cildiax
Darth Ustae Darth Heantorn Darth Hinnel
Darth Mhuktath Darth Seirrian Darth Bysten
Darth Bolrihl Darth Creilfu Darth Grakrec
Darth Brylfe Darth Qacnead Darth Keinred
Darth Crostift Darth Churteawn Darth Grosmaehl
Darth Skamdyrd Darth Anneft Darth Esmohl
Darth Wartaer Darth Rotrys Darth Learkeal
Darth Sirtu Darth Cralgoc Darth Chrellix
Darth Kuemda Darth Kamdeth Darth Rutruch
Darth Wocnech Darth Krigru Darth Valrydd
Darth Kuymme Darth Chekki Darth Creithuirn
Darth Ectedd Darth Anre Darth Mestuk
Darth Wicnean Darth Inrerd Darth Wrymmoc
Darth Wusta Darth Femmeft Darth Srottuyph
Darth Ekkid Darth Kuymmer Darth Khalfoth
Darth Stilgech Darth Umdour Darth Chrolfeirn
Darth Mhykteik Darth Stitrex Darth Plistui
Darth Chrontix Darth Jollid Darth Skylgus
Darth Stolgis Darth Mhimruft Darth Glasmed
Darth Zolrid Darth Wyllearn Darth Skalduch
Darth Stograrr Darth Sikka Darth Fuktok
Darth Mirroc Darth Gilfa Darth Muntich
Darth Glildord Darth Truelgeath Darth Stosnod
Darth Sciktyft Darth Khuetreft Darth Fommyft
Darth Oktil Darth Tismyt Darth Sruyllohl
Darth Rezzal Darth Strukti Darth Dinnu
Darth Skerkourr Darth Arto Darth Urkuft
Darth Ulfex Darth Algu Darth Fuzzu
Darth Karriwn Darth Jocmidd Darth Nocnas
Darth Damdeahl Darth Srakrus Darth Sracnuyd
Darth Guylris Darth Luctuy Darth Lirre
Darth Stiacte Darth Alreth Darth Qemrehl

Female Darth Names

Female Darth Names
Darth Fruth Darth Froph Darth Phluh
Darth Wash Darth Rhux Darth Phussu
Darth Stufir Darth Issu Darth Whushoesh
Darth Raephief Darth Mariae Darth Threii
Darth Aoe Darth Shieduxef Darth Riasassu
Darth Jiane Darth Guio Darth Washuhiw
Darth Itheu Darth Julussof Darth Oixol
Darth Phoaia Darth Eee Darth Miriar
Darth Zaiassuiss Darth Thrieieol Darth Laweew
Darth Shuoxo Darth Stoiro Darth Iieah
Darth Bhaossi Darth Zeisheith Darth Eruiu
Darth Siore Darth Raeae Darth Lareaess
Darth Coeesh Darth Choresen Darth Eiwad
Darth Zheaeew Darth Uie Darth Osathoh
Darth Cheisinif Darth Treiwiaph Darth Gooex
Darth Bhaoa Darth Sheophe Darth Wioux
Darth Waeulul Darth Euu Darth Aauss
Darth Caexiie Darth Truthiid Darth Choaxeh
Darth Trouaf Darth Asuifiw Darth Ghiuiwush
Darth Xiou Darth Xhuiawew Darth Jeuiiw
Darth Bhuiil Darth Xhudiil Darth Xhiarexuw
Darth Thrawiwead Darth Jesaea Darth Esseie
Darth Iliith Darth Theiwuu Darth Bheaaeh
Darth Thrishuhuiph Darth Truexae Darth Rithia
Darth Phuxoea Darth Uoiath Darth Xulain
Darth Zeieshuss Darth Rhasafis Darth Oai
Darth Loauih Darth Mithinaf Darth Xafissin
Darth Inassath Darth Chaefesha Darth Qunuda
Darth Whoashow Darth Axidi Darth Gieissa
Darth Treahirith Darth Zewelix Darth Ithuie
Darth Zhasuiuh Darth Phrihana Darth Ereesh
Darth Seosso Darth Luieread Darth Naeoph
Darth Efuither Darth Siowi Darth Tixusher
Darth Enitho Darth Oeo Darth Khuuioss
Darth Bhofedis Darth Thusheith Darth Aexofias

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