christmas decoration ideas for 2020

Ideas to Celebrate and Decorate for Christmas in 2020


Christians used to believe that the Son of the god is Lord Jesus Christ. His birthday is celebrated as Christmas. Christmas’s name has been derived from the mass of Jesus Christ. A mass service is a place in which Christians believed that Jesus died and then again came back to life.

 Now Christmas is celebrated by people around the world, and it does not matter if one is a Christian or not. It is that time when friends and family come together under one roof and cherish the good and blessed things they have. Children love Christmas as it is that time of the year when they receive presents. 

Different traditions and theories

A very old Christian tradition says that when Mary was told that she is going to conceive a very special baby, Jesus on March 25th-he was born on this date and it is still celebrated on 25th March. Nine months after the 25th march is the 25th December and this is the reason why it is celebrated as Christmas. The other reason to choose this particular date is because of the belief that the ancient pagan roman mid-winter tradition known as ‘Saturnalia’ and ‘Dies Natalis Solis Invictus’ took place on 25th December.

Various things to do on Christmas

1. Decorations 

To decorate the house on Christmas day, it would be very stylish to hang ornaments and string all the lights by Christmas morning. One thing which is going to add texture to this day will be setting up a table and add colors to different balls and make it very radiant. Also, fairy lights come in handy while decorating the room as it splashes colors and lights to the surroundings

2. Bake cookies

What is Christmas Eve without cookies? After the house is well decorated and lit, cookies can be baked and served to everyone. These cookies can be continued till New Year if left or so. If there is any party schedule then there is nothing better than cookies, especially for children.\

3. Donate toys

Christmas is not just about partying and having fun but also it is considered to be the season of giving. There are people always who are in dire need of things which are a waste to others. Hence, these things can be donated to those who cannot afford them.

4. Volunteer 

It is the perfect time to visit an NGO, especially of children. Not only can that, but shelter and food be provided to them as well. Christmas is not just a tradition but it is a day to make merry.

5. Listen to Christmas songs

Everyone is sick of hearing the same repetitive songs, and therefore, Christmas is the perfect occasion where one can listen to songs related to Christmas and holiday spirit. It will be very joyful to hear them as they spread positive energy.

6. Attend church

It is the time of the season where people visit church that are of other religions, and also who are atheists. If one could not make time to go to a church then he can read some excerpts from the holy book of the Bible.

7. Say thank you

It is the perfect time to thank friends, family, and relatives for being a part of one’s life. It is the best occasion to thank god for fulfilling all the wishes and for making the dreams come true. Children receive presents and they are especially thankful for that. 

8. Various ways to decorate on Christmas

It is the best time of the year as everyone looks forward to celebrating this occasion for family time, amazing food, and stunning Christmas décor which this time brings. 

9. Make a special Christmas tree

One can buy any size of Christmas tree, add various gifts and decorating items on it and make it a fun activity for people and especially kids around. Christmas tree is generally covered and decorated with ribbons as it makes it colorful and gives a joyous expression. Some candies and mint chocolates can also be added on the tree especially for children as they are very fond of it. 

10. Add rustic charm

Different kinds of wooden boxes can be used; small snow-covered trees and vintage sleds can also be utilized to decorate the house on Christmas. Rustic charm brings out the old times as there is a display of vintage artifacts. 

11. Choose a color scheme

At this time, one can choose from traditional or contemporary look as they wish; green, red, gold, and white are the elegant choices that make it look quite classy. But this is what happened in the earlier times, now people have new color choices with various ornaments and tree decorations to give it a perfect Christmas look. 

Significance of Christmas tree

It is the time of cold weather and Christmas is celebrated in this season. People all over the world cut evergreen trees and decorate it for a reason. This practice has been continued from over 1000 or more years. Though it is not sure that fir trees were the first Christmas trees. Earlier, Christmas trees used to be hung upside down from the ceiling and the other Christmas trees used were of cherry or hawthorn plants. They signify warmth and shelter and this is one of the main reasons why there is always a decoration of Christmas fir trees every Christmas.

In a Christmas tree, the green color symbolizes Christ’s eternal life and red color was considered as symbols of Jesus’ blood. They are considered to be two holy colors.

Apart from this, candles signify the light of the world and the stars which are situated on the top of the Christmas tree represent the star which was followed by the wise men to Jesus. The significance of the bell attached to the Christmas tree signifies joy in people’s lives. Apples are known as the forbidden fruit and therefore, it is considered as a holy fruit in later times.

You can also use christmas elf names for your elves name.

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