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What is the meaning of Bosmer?

Bosmer is a fictional character that is similar to the wood elves. Bosmer is one of the shortest characters and the interesting fact is that males are shorter than females. The skin colour of Bosmers can vary from light brown to light green and some of them are also born with horns. Bosmers are resistant to certain poisons and diseases.

They can easily hide in the forests and can’t be spotted quickly. Bosmers are great archers and thieves. They are great thieves because their sneaking abilities are good. Their combat abilities are low but they can control the animal and they can turn the animals into their ally. This can help them a lot. You can see this chaarceter on elder scrolls online game.

Check out the list of the best bosmer names given below and choose a one from it for your character.

Bosmer Last Names

Springwing Nighthollow Nightrun Willowlake
Duskrock Mosspool Ivywood Elmshade
Timberbranch Oakbrook Ivyblossom Camodale
Seedgrove Lichenstone Rosegrass Lumberlake
Duskrun Pinewood Lichenvale Seedwood
Willowlake Pinevale Softvale Sagemire
Barkrun Sagewing Dornthorn Bluerun
Willowwood Applepool Dornpool Applestone
Acorndale Softlock Bluehollow Duskwing
Lichengrove Oakmire Ivylake Acornmire
Rosehollow Bluegrove Balfsky Dornmire
Duskblossom Barkbrook Forestlake Riverrock
Ivythorn Elmblossom Oakenbranch Pinewood
Bluepool Greenrock Duskdale Softgrass
Acornlock Sagesky Duskthorn Shadylake
Barkhollow Barkwing Elmscrub Lichenpool
Elmmire Mossshade Oakensky Willowbranch
Elmpool Nighthollow Sageshade Lichenhollow
Ivyscrub Timbergrove Timbersky Elmlock
Seedwood Dusksky Duskwind Acornstone
Dorngrove Bluepool Ivygrass Lumberwing
Oakshade Duskwing Fernmire Pinebranch
Acornwing Nighthollow Forestrock Mossvale
Elmblossom Timberhollow Willowblossom Sageblossom
Acornstone Roselake Nightdale Ivybranch
Foresthollow Seedscrub Elmsky Nightthorn

Male Bosmer Names

Male Bosmer names
Perragar Rosewing Glalgor Lumberrun Brarim Lichenmire
Elbehaur Oakenpool Galore Bluethorn Ungooron Willowrun
Faerim Oakshade Elrdhel Ivyshade Brolleb Fernwood
Orbecher Nightshade Elbeilon Barkscrub Danronor Bluestone
Ronegor Softmire Galmaegaer Willowwood Minemir Softshade
Faulrilgor Seedstone Erraindir Softlock Barorolros Oakthorn
Animir Mossbranch Niroch Mossshade Nalth Mossblossom
Dangthragoth Barkmire Falos Bluethorn Britalorn Lumbersky
Ulwalim Nightgrove Clenthadan Softblossom Gadnchalas Forestscrub
Cinthaur Springblossom Berborn Springshade Angunnir Rosegrass
Bolwoch Oakenshade Clenengeval Dornvale Ertleg Balfscrub
Engochalas Duskwing Erttan Rosevale Anruelras Nighthollow
Breelor Balfsky Urunalem Camolake Gerrien Oakpool
Pegbros Nighthollow Orboch Lumberwood Hinglgor Lumbergrass
Mortrthir Springshade Karobros Pinedale Riaindil Elmgrass
Elegnor Forestgrass Rinoth Dornsky Thaudil Applerock
Norlalos Riversky Athinor Timberscrub Aenegor Mossshade
Rindlalos Bluegrass Bririlgor Nightshade Gundvenin Balfwood
Norduilon Shadyshade Faurindil Rosesky Thracher Ivylock
Araton Lumberbrook Dervrien Balfhollow Engavenin Lumberlake
Allihor Balfrun Celelim Mossvale Pegrilgor Balfdale
Faeenin Camohollow Paliilgor Lichenshade Magior Bluewind
Anruindil Shadydale Bereros Softwing Mortdulain Oakenstone
Alliiel Foresthollow Britenin Balfhollow Barrelor Ivywing
Beraen Camograss Engiel Pinebrook Ungngeval Sagewind
Valiolin Nightvale Amrlalos Duskrun Uunghadan Camothorn
Maenllin Softhollow Bastlion Nightstone Filnil Elmlake
Sylulain Seedgrove Endllin Mossrun Gungan Riverbrook
Uunkar Bluehollow Dirdrilgor Mosswing Galmon Shadywind
Maeephor Willowblossom Glooor Rivergrass Gazadulain Oaksky
Anrunagoth Shadyvale Baerchond Pinewood Caenoren Springpool
Palilem Mossstone Eriralorn Oakdale Targorn Seedwing
Geledras Lichenwing Hagailon Ivygrove Finddalas Shadystone
Eniephor Applelake Deneleb Pinebrook Enilgor Fernwing
Hundromlallor Dornlock Gerrragaer Barkthorn Erralir Shadyshade

Female Bosmer Names

Female Bosmer Names
Huuoniel Camorun Esthael Elmwood Nimpte Rosewood
Gilane Ivyscrub Samiwaen Acornthorn Peneylin Fernsky
Idroiel Acorngrass Anddhel Barklock Uurlin Lumberrun
Eraagail Lumberrock Thamane Ivygrass Kirdraedil Elmscrub
Nilichel Sagedale Nimaeneth Duskvale Manas Oakenpool
Elraielyn Springlock Theodel Oakenbrook Naarrond Springpool
Nonadel Lumberscrub Elrndriah Forestgrass Lieileth Forestlock
Huuafil Mossgrove Nililphaneth Applelake Eralgnan Elmthorn
Elsenyl Softblossom Bouan Pinevale Larainriel Rosethorn
Theaaes Elmgrass Iingrchel Mosshollow Hynruviel Timberpool
Cuunioniel Bluehollow Ciithilith Camowind Araeia Willowwind
Laresse Springgrass Botdel Forestpool Ardwhaelyn Dornscrub
Uurchel Balfhollow Areanolian Timberlock Lilisdan Roselake
Ardwdra Willowblossom Iingreth Timberwood Gannrel Oakgrove
Dagainthil Springwind Vladiel Lichenstone Sylweneth Camorock
Nimpaon Barkbranch Naelael Greendale Ardhredhel Springwind
Emelnia Oakwood Mandgnan Softlock Parwaelyn Nightdale
Nimin Lichensky Arangina Nightthorn Anrdhel Mossdale
Kirsras Applebranch Nimlwen Timberblossom Boteneth Rosewing
Ugina Lichenhollow Vlanrael Mosswind Emelael Lichendale
Emelras Elmrun Allweanyth Pinemire Eindnia Sagebrook
Selethilith Fernrock Aeriaen Duskwing Nathruviel Shadygrass
Lietchel Pinehollow Borwael Riverlake Araathil Forestsky
Ulanael Ivygrass Teladiir Ivybranch Lorcaenyl Pinewing
Lararil Barkscrub Faurafil Ivyscrub Gitsa Ivyscrub
Maraielyl Acornrun Naaraeneth Seedpool Belety Lumberwind
Lietdan Bluedale Anunmriel Barkrock Marsandra Duskpool
Filbndriah Mossbranch Faelihelathil Softhollow Iingynia Elmvale
Beren Shadygrass Distoniel Oakvale Uurwin Bluerock
Brehael Greenbranch Elegrilin Riverwind Nateon Duskwood
Elerond Bluelake Gaelhien Oakenvale Larearil Nightlock
Adanoneth Fernwing Ulanrwen Dusklock Huutel Duskvale
Nonrihill Springwing Menys Lichenlock Elehien Nightsky
Ginien Applewind Vlandraedil Oakrock Laraaeneth Fernlock
Galnafil Softrun Elsythilith Softblossom Baurweanyth Camovale

I hope you are getting best bosmer names for you wood elves character. All of these bosmer names from Bosmer name generator. If you are happy with our name generator, then please share it on social media. If you want to any issue with our name generator. Please comment on it.

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